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Quiet Operation

Our fans are unobtrusive at all speeds, that means you can run an Aeratron ceiling faster and in complete comfort.

Award-Winning Design

An International Design Award winner – Melbourne- 2011 – Los Angeles – 2011.

Energy Efficient

Move more air using only 10% the cost of a traditional home ceiling fan.

Exceptional Airflow

Your choice of 2 or 3 Beautifully sculpted Airfoil Blades that don’t just look cool, they are designed to do one thing very well. Move air effortlessly.

perfect for any space

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AE3 - Aeratron by MacroAir Energy Efficient Quiet Home Ceiling Fan - Light Grain

With a primary purpose of providing an elegant and technically advanced fan, Aeratron has designed the AE2 and AE3 models as the ultimate in ceiling fans in sizes 43″ | 50″ | 60″. We have focussed on the details that make Aeratron more efficient and quieter than any fan in it’s class.

Designed to fit your lifestyle and match your space. When you buy a new ceiling fan, your should expect the best and every Aeratron ceiling fan come with awesome 3 year + 30 year warranty and great features like 6 speeds in forward and reverse, LCD Remote Control and optional LED that you’ll love. We have all the options to help for a dream installation.