ABS Blades-The Sustainable Choice for Ceiling Fan Technology


The average individual may not spend much time thinking about plastics, but even without knowing it, we are surrounded by plastics every day. From the Legos your children seem determined to leave on the floor, to the micro-beads in your facial scrub, your AE2 ceiling fans, to laptop screens and keyboards, automobile interiors, and even clothing plastic is quite literally everywhere. It’s one of the wonders of the modern world and also one of our biggest challenges. With over 50% of the plastic the average person uses having a narrow one-use lifespan, but a 450-1000 year lifespan before it decomposes, that leaves a lot of plastic lying around to pollute oceans, streams, lakes, and landfills.

Why Only Use It Once?

To understand the root of our global plastic problem you need to understand that there are two basic kinds of plastics used: thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset plastics are one-time use plastics. They can be heated once, causing a chemical change in their properties, molded into their finished shape, cooled, and then used for whatever their intended purpose. If thermoset plastics are heated again they simply burn up. They are not recyclable into a different product. Thermoplastics can be heated, molded, and reheated and remolded into something different. This type of plastic is recyclable.

As technology advances there is hope that many of the items now being made with thermoset can be adjusted to use thermoplastic instead.

ABS Blades

ABS plastic, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a mix of a thermoplastic and a polymer. This makes it the perfect material for recycling and for forming the unique airfoil, wing-tipped fan blade that delivers our signature airflow with such a silent operation.

ABS is perfect for such a high-tech use because of its ability to be machine perfected. Once it is shaped into the finished product it is also resistant to chemical corrosion and physical impact. Many of the plastic items you use daily, like keyboard keys, electrical outlet covers, and Lego blocks, are made of ABS because it wears so well and lasts for years.

The Future of Efficiency

ABS plastics are now being used for home manufacturing projects. With the advent of 3-D printers and even a few attempts to make home recycling systems, ABS could become as common as paper and ink cartridges are now. Imagine the inventors of tomorrow with more than just Lego blocks at their disposal to create marvelous new technology.

Aeratron is committed to efficiency and elegance in more than just their fan designs, but also in the products they use to make them. By using ABS plastics, we hope to do our part to help reduce the amount of plastic waste around the globe. Is there anything more efficient and elegant than a sustainable product and a beautiful world?

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