Having a quiet and elegant ceiling fan in your room is so convenient it makes you feel comfortable during a hot day. But Aeratron makes owning a fan even more convenient. You can turn your unit on and off or control the speed with a touch of a button. How cool is that?

Aeratron is your premier source of durable and stylish ceiling fans with remote control. The remote control lets you do more than just control six forward and reverse speeds. It also allows you to turn our optional 6W LED light on and off. This is ideal if you want to set the mood in your room or any space in your property. There’s no need for a wall mounted switch; just press the button and you can achieve the level of comfort you want.

Versatile, Quiet, and Efficient

Our remote controlled ceiling fans are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They operate with less noise and vibration, making them the best option for meticulous customers. Our fans use less energy due to the unique design and aerodynamic features of the blade.

With Aeratron fans, comfort is at your fingertips. Get yours today at a good price. Choose between our AE2 and AE3 models and place your order online. Contact us for more details.