Cooling Off Your Outdoor Space

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During the summer months finding a way to keep the outdoor space at your home cool enough to use is a huge bonus. Using AE2 Fans is one of the best ways to keep the aesthetic of your home on point while being energy efficient and effective at cooling. Here are some other tips to keep your outdoor space cool during the summer months:

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Aeratron fans can be used very effectively in an outdoor space, creating a beautiful, functional, and efficient way to keep the outdoors cool enough to enjoy during the summer months. Ceiling fans should be protected from extreme weather elements to keep them safe and working properly.

Plant Vegetation

Be strategic when planting trees making sure they are being used effectively to shade areas of your outdoor space. Having vegetation around your home will automatically help cool off the area as well. You can plant vines that grow up on to the walls of your home to help cool of the space or plant them on a trellis to give shade and privacy.

Shade Structures

If planting a tree in an area to create shade isn’t possible then look for shade structures that fit your space. Outdoor blinds that can cover a porch while the sun is rising and setting is also a solution that can be effective. There are also beautiful trellis’ that work well to block sunlight and, are lightweight, and beautiful. Pergolas are traditional and a more permanent solution for shade. Triangle shade sails are becoming increasing popular. Shade sails are modern, innovative, and a pleasing way to create shade in any space.

Water Misters

Installing misters outdoors is very helpful to keep cool while being outside. Misters are easy to instal and there are several products to choose from. They can also be virtually invisible, allowing the beauty of you outside space to be uninterrupted.

Outdoor Water Features

Having a stream run through your yard, or a waterfall coming into a small pond is a great way to cool off the outdoors while adding a focal point to your outdoor space. There are many energy efficient and eco friendly ways to use water responsibly.

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