Creating Living Spaces That Breathe




When a company is focused solely on moving air, it could be said that breathing is our business. Aeratron Fans is participating in the Living Building Challenge, a global scale effort to advance the sustainability, efficiency, and beauty of the way we live on a daily basis. This effort, that is finding support around the world, is something we have believed in for a very long time: that efficiency and environmental responsibility should be a driving force behind innovation and engineering. We believe that creating living spaces that breathe, spaces that improve the quality of the people who live within them, and the quality of the area around them, is of paramount importance in the world today.


Inspiration is the stuff of artists and engineers and the Living Building Challenge provides it to the building industry around the globe. To inspire is defined as instilling in someone else the motivation to do something. The literal roots of the word mean to “blow life into”. The breath of life to modern engineering is the goal to make life better, more comfortable, and refined while preserving the beauty and resources of the earth. This is a challenge we have met with our energy efficient fans and one we will continue to meet as we move forward in design and application.


For decades “sustainability” has been the watch-cry of the environmental movement across education, industry, and commerce. But there is a new word that speaks to the desire to move past the goal of keeping ourselves from falling over the edge of pollution and into a world of abundance and positive growth. That word is: Regenerative.

Regenerative engineering, across many industries, is focused on pushing the limits of capacity and production in ways that not only preserve the earth, but actually make it better. It’s about power sources that don’t just avoid depleting themselves, but actually improve the soil, air, and people who use them. It’s about home building practices that not only minimize waste and over-use of natural resources, but also add to the natural resources globally. It’s about finding ways to add comfort to the human condition in a way that makes the natural world more beautiful.

Regenerative engineering is about putting more “life” into our lives.


The Living Building Challenge is more than just an idea, it is a certification for individual, educational, industrial, and commercial groups who put regenerative engineering into real-life use in the public sphere. There are applications of responsible building, reconstruction, and retrofitting by those who have put environmental responsibility at the forefront of their goals. Businesses from small start-ups to well-established corporations are following the principles of living production, they are registering their projects, and contributing to a worldwide community of people who believe in the future of our home planet.

Will you join us? Follow the progress of this global effort to improve our world. One project, one product, one person at a time.

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