Efficient By Design, Silent by Nature

Aeratron fan technology is not only beautiful to look at but the design provides a silent and extremely efficient product.

Key Energy Efficient Feature

An Aeratron fan reduces energy consumption by up to a mind blowing 80%.

  • The patented self-balancing system reduced blade and until wobbling and vibrations which reduce your energy efficiency. This technology graciously conserves 50% of the 80% saved with an Aeratron fan.
  • 3d aerofoil blades are sleek and contemporary and optimize airflow, also resulting in a contribution to overall money saved in operating this fan.
  • Winglets at the blade tips which minimize air vortices, the typical “ceiling fans noise”. These create a sophisticated look while reducing energy used to operate this fantastic fan.
  • Newly developed low 6 Watts LED lights are naturally more energy efficient and last much longer than any conventional bulb or even a CFB. LED bulbs are better for the environment and safer for the user. LED bulb technology comes in a soft light or daylight for a brighter and more open effect.

There is no argument that Aeratron offers a gorgeous 21st century looking fan with the “carbon footprint” that every new age Millennial is looking for. Adorning your ceiling with this beauty will not only sooth the eye but it will also sooth your pocket book. Propel yourself into the bright future with an Aeratron fan.

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