Typical ceiling fans keep you cool and comfortable during a hot day, but they consume a lot of electricity (check your bills). Do you know that you can experience the same level of comfort without having to pay more? This is possible with modern, energy efficient ceiling fans from Aeratron.

Aeratron ceiling fans reduce energy consumption by up to 80% thanks to their sleek, compact, and carefully engineered design. Every component and feature has a purpose – to make the product more efficient. If you want to save more on utility costs, buy any of our low energy ceiling fans today.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

You can’t go wrong when you install our Energy Star ceiling fans in your property. These DOE-approved products use just 10% of the energy used by standard ceiling fans. Aeratron Airfoil Blade, our trademark feature, moves air effortlessly, therefore reducing energy consumption. Every unit can save at least 100 kWh per year. Let’s talk about value for money!

Our energy saving ceiling fans will not only look good in your property, but will also keep your bills low. Try them and see for yourself. Browse through your options and add the model of your choice to your shopping cart. We’ll process and deliver your order as quickly as possible. Call us for inquiries.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5