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SHARA -We just wanted to say we absolutely LOVE our Aeratron fan! We don’t know what we find more impressive; it’s beauty, power or quietness. Thank you again. We absolutely think this is the best fan we’ve ever had!

KEVIN and TINA -Hey guys, your fan rocks! Our Aeratron fan fits perfectly in our new cabin located in the Montana wilderness. We are off-the-grid, and are amazed at how efficient the fan is. In the hot summer months we can run the fan all night, and it barely makes a dent in our battery charge. In the winter, we reverse the fan and run it occasionally, just to mix the heated air in the cabin. It works perfectly! The fan is smooth and quiet, and the biomimicry in the design makes for draft-less air flow that keeps the cabin comfortable year round.

BRITTANY – We love our fan! It is our only source of temperature control (besides windows) in our 144 square foot tiny house. Even with temperatures in the nineties it cools off our small space so quickly! And the fact that it’s beautiful makes it easy to love, and was a big decision in our purchase.

The fan is such a welcome addition to our tiny house life!  Since our only source of electricity is an extension cord, it’s crucial that our energy footprint is low. This fan was literally the only one of its size that was energy star certified when we were shopping for it last summer.

DAWN -We love our fan. The only thing we argue about is the speed. So many choices!

Living coastal in California it rarely warms up enough to need air conditioning and we don’t have it in our house. But there are a few weeks a year that are just unbearable for sleeping. This fan cools our bedroom swiftly on a high speed and then provides that gentle, QUIET breeze you need for a good night’s sleep, year round.

It took me literally 4 years to find the right fan, both functionally and aesthetically. Thank you for making a great product to cover up the hole in my ceiling and retire our dirty old box fan.

LUCIE -We couldn’t be more pleased. It runs very quietly and the speed options are much better than the 3-speed fan it replaced. Many thanks

KATY – “My family LOVES these fans! We have them in all our bedrooms and they run all spring, summer and fall. I love the sleek and simple design, they are unobtrusive on our 8 foot ceilings while still moving plenty of air. We rarely have to turn up past level 1 and are comfortable without A/C. And the best part is that they are silent! You can’t hear a single thing all night long. These are the only fans I ever want to have in my house!!”

Maryland – “Aeratron has not only the BEST service but also a truly wonderful product (AE3). Re: Jarrod … employee of the year!! He was just lovely”

Tiny Hall House – “We LOVE , let me repeat, LOVE our Aeratron fan! It is by far the most beautiful and even more importantly the most efficient fan we have”

Bill – “Wow! Just installed my new AE 2. It literally blows the other ceiling fans in our house away. Thanks for a great fan!”

Marilyn – “Jarrod has been amazing! I live in Hawaii and he has helped me as I tried to be patient for the US site to start. He was always helpful.”

Dallas – “The conclusion… AWESOME!  I got it all installed and it is working like a charm.  The light works nicely.  The fan is very quiet and puts out a nice amount of air and now it is very smooth with no unusual noises and very little (air/wind) noise on high.  Four of us were trying to compare it to my 8 blade, 65” fan that has a claimed output of 8778 CFM.  We tried a “blind and deaf” test by blindfolding the 3 of them (2 kids and wife), putting on ear muffs (so as not to detect the fan by sound or lack of in the case of the new fan), and spinning them each around so they could not detect which room they were in.  The results were mixed.  Two felt the AE3 had more air output leaving one in favor of the 65” fan, I am undecided.  I think our very subjective test is measuring more air/wind speed rather than the air flow volume. My calculated wind speed is only about 8% difference between the two fans).   It actually seems to turn slower than the other fan but I guess that is due to 3 blades versus 8 because the reported RPMs for 130 for the AE3 and 98 for the 8 blade fan.”