What size fan should I select?
If the longest wall of the room is less than 12 feet, you need a 43 inch fan..If the longest wall in the room is between 12 and 15 feet, you need a 50 inch fan…And if the longest wall is greater than 15 feet, we recommend one of our 60″ fans.
How long will it take to get to me?
We will ship your order within 2-3 business days after your order has been received. Normal transit times vary based upon location. We ship orders via UPS Ground. If you would like expedited services, please contact us directly at

Some of the information in the User Manual looks like it's not for North America
All of our fans are manufactured to the same specification and our User Manual is universal. That means that some of the terms and requirements may not be specific to your market. Specific Terms and Conditions, Warranty and Returns information is available on this site for download. Sorry for any confusion this may cause.

There is a warning about using the fan in a room with a Gas Heater, why is this?
As part of our global packaging, Aeratron fans are available in countries where unsafe fuels and heating systems are available. This warning doesn’t apply If you are using an approved fuel and your gas appliance has been installed correctly and tested as safe.

Do I have to use a Licensed Electrician to install my new fans?
Depending on your location it may be required by law to use a licensed electrician to install your fans, even so Aeratron recommends that you should consider doing so even if not mandated as it can be valuable to have an expert on hand if something is wrong with your wiring. Please follow our installation instructions and observe best practices for electrical  work and working at heights. Please be Safe!


Tell more about my fan

Who are Aeratron?

We are an independent technology company headquartered in Sydney Australia. Our in-house team designed and engineered these unique fans that are now available here in the US.

Is my fan really going to be silent?

Anything that moves is going to make some noise, we have gone to exhaustive lengths to employ technology like the DC motor, high-efficiency blades with winglets to make them the quietest available.

Can you tell me in plain English, just how efficient are they?
Well, at the speed most often used ‘2’ our fans use a little less energy than a cell phone charger

What is the difference between the AE2 and AE3 besides the obvious?
To be honest it is mainly cosmetic, there is virtually no significant advantage enjoyed by either design. If anything, the AE3 is probably a little quieter at high speed and the AE2 a little more efficient at low speed but it is not much at all.

What do the little winglets really do?
There is a complex interaction of airflows at play as a result of moving any airfoil through the air. On relatively short airfoil blades like most ceiling fans, this manifest as noise, and the winglets contribute to helping reduce this to a minimum.
My new fan is made out of plastic, should I be concerned about durability?
ABS plastic is one of the most commonly used modern plastics. It is recyclable, impact resistant, tough, temperature and humidity stable, and it’s also light so that helps with efficiency.

You show both Light and Dark Wood options, is that real wood?

No, it’s impossible to reliably re-create the complex 3D shapes of our blades out of real wood, but they do look pretty convincing.

Is the LED dimmable and how bright is the bulb?

It is not dimmable. We use the highest quality LEDs in our 6W bulbs that provide the same light output as a 50W incandescent bulb at 102 lumens.

Can I install an LED Kit with my earlier series e502 or e503 series fan?

No. The earlier series fans were not designed for this feature, sorry.

What should I use to clean my fan?

We recommend gently using a soft cloth made from a material like microfiber with water, mild soap may also be used with care.


Installation tips

How should I prepare to assemble my new fan?

-Check that you have the right model fan and all the accessories needed to mount your fan.

-Find a clean area to unpack and check your fan. Prepare a soft, clean area to assemble the blades.

-Read the instructions. Clean hands and use disposable gloves if possible

-Unpack and check all components. .

-Ensure your electrical service is safe and has been tested. Have a tested functional wall switch.

-Isolate power at the breaker.

-Ensure the ceiling mounting point is rated for ceiling fans and free from obstructions.

You offer an optional Extension Rod Kit, why would I need that?

If the mounting point on your ceiling exceeds 10′ and/or the pitch is greater than 15° you’ll need the Extension Rod Kit. If your ceiling pitch is over 17° you’ll need the 24″ or 36″ rod as well to provide additional clearance.

Can I use the Extension Rod kits with my older e502 or e503 fan?

Yes! The Extension rod kit is completely compatible with all Aeratron fans.

The User Manual says that I need a mounting plate rated at 75lb (35kg) is that really necessary when my fan only weighs 16lbs ?

This is the minimum requirements for some countries. Please reference  your local building code or contractor as a guideline for your installation. At a minimum you MUST use a ceiling fan rated junction box or mount securely to ceiling joist or to appropriate structural framing. For commercial installations in suspended ceilings please consult your contractor and use the appropriately rated ceiling fan mounting system for your ceiling.

After installing my fan I hear some noises like clicking or knocking

After checking that your blades are completely tightened, check the clearance between the motor housing and the ceiling is equal and not touching the ceiling any point.

What electrical preparations should I make?

Even though your local authority permits you to self-install, we recommend that you have a qualified electrician to install your fan if possible.

We also recommend that your fan be installed on a switched circuit. You may install multiple fans on the same electrical circuit of course but please check with your electrician. The remote that comes with every fan can control up to 10 fans simultaneously we recommend keeping the control area under 400 sq.ft.

Can I use my Universal Remote Control for these fans?

Our remote uses RF (Radio Frequency) for control signals so it may not work. Aeratron have not tested any brand of RF remote except the ones we manufacture.

Can I install my fan outside or in the tropics?

Absolutely to both. We do recommend installing them only under full cover though, they love the tropics they don’t like being rained on. If the location where you are going to install the fan gets a lot of cross-wind, we suggest using the AE2 as its more stable in these conditions. Ideally use our Extension Rod Kit to improve the resistance to climate conditions by achieving IP44 rating.

Can I use an electric screwdriver to tighten my fan blades during assembly?

They can be used with extreme care. Use of a small, torque-limited electric screwdriver operated by a skilled and careful hand is fine as long as you don’t get carried away. Don’t use a big high-torque electric drill. If in doubt, just stick with a nice fresh screwdriver.

Note please don’t be tempted to over-tighten the Pivot Lock that connect the fan blade assembly to the drive shaft, secure gently by hand only please.

How do I install the LED bulb?

It’s straightforward but please be careful with it. There are two small pins that require lining up with the receiver in the base of the motor shaft. Care should be taken to align everything properly before attempting to push the bulb fully in. It stays in place because of the friction between the bulb and the shaft. Please don’t force it in.