The Ideal Uses for a Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans have been employed to cool homes, hotels, and office buildings longer than electricity. The first ones were run by pulley systems, powered by water or engines. Long before a readily available power source, people knew the value of a cool breeze. Aeratron fans have built fans that have been utilized in large and small spaces alike, both private and public. Have you ever wondered where 60 inch ceiling fans are used most often and how they benefit consumers?

Here are just a few of the ways that ceiling fans impact the daily life of humans all around the planet.

Agricultural Use

We’ll start from the ground up. Ceiling fans have been used in agricultural production for a number of years. Controlled environment agriculture often depends upon fans to facilitate proper plant respiration and growth. Contained animal farms also utilize ceiling fans to provide a cool, comfortable environment for their livestock. Many farmers place fans in the loafing sheds where their animals come to eat and rest during the day. It provides enough airflow to create a comfortable place for the animals without the incredible expense of air conditioning.

Educational Use

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to revisit a school since your elementary education days, you’ll recognize the need for ceiling fans. Between classrooms with up to, and sometimes exceeding, 30 pupils, older ventilation systems, and difficult to operate windows, it’s easy to understand the impact a ceiling fan can play in the comfort and well-being of the students. Physical comfort has a great deal of impact on student performance. The breakfast program at public schools was introduced when studies began to show a direct link between no breakfast at home and poor testing at school. Overheating, stuffy air, and close quarters can also have an impact on scholastic success. Schools are beginning to utilize ceiling fans in increasing numbers to help provide a comfortable environment for the children to learn and grow in.

Health Use

Similar to the needs of plants in a greenhouse, people need proper airflow to be healthy. Spas, retreats, and even oxygen bars utilize natural and canned air to stimulate relaxation and health in their clients. For more down-to-earth, daily medicine, doctors also recommend ceiling fans to keep air flowing in a home. The use of ceiling fans has been linked to a reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as well as increased comfort for those struggling with asthma and other lung ailments.

Technology Use

Many people today are looking for ways to turn their hobby into their profession. From music and art studios to certified kitchens and wood-working shops, these spaces typically contain equipment and computers that generate more heat than is comfortable for the artist working around them. Professionals and hobbyists alike have discovered that well-placed ceiling fans provide increased comfort which can translate into more creativity to pour into their craft.

Whatever your reasons for using a ceiling fan, you’ll find that the Aeratron fans will provide you with years of effortless, quiet comfort.

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