Improved Form and Function: Thinking Like an Engineer

Ralph Waldo Emerson once famously stated “If a man has good corn or wood, or boards, or pigs, to sell, or can make better chairs or knives, crucibles or church organs, than anybody else, you will find a broad hard-beaten road to his house, though it be in the woods.” This sentiment sums up the heart of innovative engineering. When Danner Gasser & Ole Stockhausen began working on what would become the design for Aeratron Fans they were searching for one thing: to design the most efficient fan possible.

Good inventors and engineers have a common trait, they take what they know about something that already exists, or needs to exist, and they add to it, increasing their knowledge, looking for possible connections with other bits of knowledge, all in an effort to make life as we know it just a little bit better.

Principles of Engineering

Every engineer approaches each project they work on with a variety of principles that guide his or her work. For some they are looking for simplicity vs complexity, for some projects complexity is required because of the demands of the end product. The engineer must first understand the goal and the end product and work backwards through the creation process to determine the best possible way to get the best possible result. When Gasser and Stockhausen were working on the world’s most efficient fan they had some key principles that guided their work.

Visual Aesthetics

There is beauty in a well-designed product, but beyond just form and function, the designers wanted Aeratron fans to be beautiful to look at. To accomplish this, they drew inspiration from biometric design: using shapes and forms from the natural world.

Audio Aesthetics

Beauty exists in more than just what is seen. It can also be found in what you hear, or in this case, what you DON’T hear. The designers did in-depth studies of aircraft aerodynamics. Considering how to move the most air with the least amount of noise. It was important to them to create a fan that didn’t compete with music or conversation in the space where it was used.

Ease of Use

Some items that we use on a daily basis we expect to be more technologically involved than others. When we cook a meal we expect more steps than when we turn on a light; even though the light is probably a more complicated bit of engineering than a gas range. For an engineer, the challenge is to make a complicated system easy for the end user. In the case of Aeratron Fans this meant developing a remote controlled system, where comfort is made available at the touch of a button.

Design Gestation

The best ideas take time to bring to fruition. Just as every infant requires a certain amount of time to develop in the womb before it is born, so it is with great designs. The unique design of the Aeratron fan took approximately 4 years of gestation before it was ready to debut in homes and businesses. This time allowed for designing, testing, and refining the world-class product that is now available.

By looking to the beauty of the natural world, following excellent design principles, and through sheer hard work, Aeratron Fans has brought to homeowners an elegant, efficient, and effortless ceiling fan that will add beauty and comfort to their homes for years to come.

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