Why Live In A Tiny House?


There is a current social movement to downsize living arrangements in order to allow more freedom by downsizing their homes and possessions. If you are looking into building a tiny home or you already live in one, consider buying your ceiling fans online from Aeratron to get the best product for your small home. In the United States the average home is over 2500 square feet, and the average tiny home is just a fraction of that at around 400 square feet. When a person lives in a home that is that small they will only keep the things in their life that are essential, which creates a very minimalist and efficient way of living. When you are living in a such a modest space, every cubic foot is at a premium, so finding the right equipment including ceiling fans is challenging… compact spaces are why Aeratron made the world’s only high efficiency ceiling fans under 50 inches.

Reasons Behind This Movement

There are a lot of reasons people are choosing a tiny house over a more traditional dwelling. Some of the more popular ones are for financial reasons, environmental, and for a desire for more freedom to roam. Most Americans spend up to half of their paychecks each month to cover their living expenses. Just think what you could do if you could cut that expense into a tiny fraction of that. Here are some interesting statistics of people who live in tiny homes:

  • People who live in tiny homes have more savings, on average they have $10,000 more than the average person who lives in a traditional home.
  • More people who live in tiny homes actually own their home. Up To 78% of people who live in a small dwelling own their home, that’s 13% more than the more traditional home dwellers.
  • The average cost of building a tiny home is only $27,000 where the average cost of building a traditional home is $270,000.
  • A tiny house uses a fraction of the energy to operate of most American homes, making them perfect as an Off-Grid dwelling.
  • People who live in these small homes are twice as likely to have master’s degrees.
  • Tiny house dwellers earn on average about $500 more than the average American.
  • More women than men choose to live in these smaller houses.
  • About 40% of people that live in tiny homes are over the age of 50 years old.

Is Living in a Tiny House Right For You?


If you love the idea of living like a minimalist, saving money, living off-grid, or having more freedom than a tiny house might be the perfect place to call home. Luckily today there are a lot of resources to help you find land, build a home, or give you ideas for furnishing and living in a beautifully functional small space.

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