Luxury at the Touch of a Button


For those building their dream home, the amenities to be considered should go far beyond basic appliances and necessities. A dream home should feel like a vacation, spa, and resort all rolled into one every time you open your own front door. In our day of advanced technology, it’s become increasingly easy to get this type of concierge service in your own house, right at your fingertips. From remote controlled ceiling fans, in home elevators, self-adjusting window blinds, to self-propelled vacuums, living in an age of ease and elegance has never been easier.

Elegant Air

For remote controlled comfort, there isn’t anything better than Aeratron’s AE2 and AE3 series ceiling fans. Their scientifically engineered silence, beautiful contemporary design, and worry-free operation make it the premier ceiling fan for the luxury home market. With six forward and reverse speeds and a touch of a button light controller on your remote, this fan gives you the freedom to read, play, and relax without having to get up to flip a switch.

21st Century Cellars

For most of history, wine cellars have been dark, dank, somewhat gloomy places. Magical in their hidden treasures of “bottled sunlight” but lacking in modern aesthetics, the medieval wine cellars of the Old World are giving way to new technology that is bringing wine cellars into the light of a new age. Kessick Wine Cellars accommodates this contemporary view of wine as decor and not just an epicurean delight. Their portfolio of custom made wine cellars are impressive. Their designs might not pour a glass of wine for you, but they can build you the perfectly controlled climate to keep your collection at peak perfection.

Let There Be Shade

Advancements in window covering technology have made it possible to control the amount of light coming through your windows from not only a remote controller, but from a smart device as well. Serena Shades offer remote accessed blinds that can be either battery powered or wired and accessible from any digital device, even if you are not in the room. This gives you the option to adjust your blinds for privacy and security, even if you are away from home, just by accessing their Lutron app on any smart device, from anywhere in the world.

Art Home Cinema System

One of the most difficult elements of modern design is how to work around a big, empty television screen. Movies, videos, and network programming are a part of most people’s daily life, but when a show isn’t on, that blank screen takes up precious space and creates a decorative black hole in a room. But this frustration of homeowners and interior designers alike might be at an end with technology like that being shared by ArtScreen System. By hitting a remote control button, what looks like a high-quality fine art print ascends or descends to reveal your television, hidden within a beautiful frame on the wall. When you are done watching your movie, just hit the button again and hide that unsightly, silent screen. Luxury and fine art combined, does it get any better?

Are you planning your dream home? What modern luxuries will you make a part of your space? Which recent advancements have become necessities in your life? Show us what you’re putting into your dream home.

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