A Silent Fan for a Cool Sound


The rise of social media websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, independent music artists are finding more and more opportunities to share their unique talents with a global audience. With this opportunity, many artists are beginning to see the value in turning a spare bedroom into a music studio. All of that equipment can generate a lot of heat and requires some serious cooling. The best option? Quiet ceiling fans to keep the studio cool when the music jam is hot.

Not Your Daddy’s Garage Band

There’s still an element of nostalgia for most musicians when they think about picking up their first guitar or composing their first song. The fun and friendly rebellion of playing together in a sweltering garage over summer break, is the stuff that great songs and stories are made of, but modern music requires a more modern sound.

The computer equipment required to give an artist a complete sound, with video and audio recording capabilities, generates enough heat to make not only the temperatures rise, but tempers as well. If you’re planning on investing in the tools to make music, here are the environmental tools you need to take proper care of them.

  • Proper Storage Space

If you have your equipment on racks in your studio, be certain to leave space between each item. The boxes, tubes, cameras, and recorders need plenty of space around them to allow their heat to dissipate. If too many items are crowded into a small space you run the risk of overheating and ruining your expensive equipment.

  • Sufficient Ventilation

Studios require a soundproof setup, with doors, walls, and windows that keep out the noises of the street, kids, or dogs barking that could ruin a good recording. This soundproofing can also make proper temperature control difficult because keeping sound out also means keeping the extra equipment heat in. Be sure to have a good ventilation system installed to ensure that you have all the fresh air you need to make sweet music.

  • Quiet Air Flow

Air flow is absolutely essential to making sure your ventilation system and your storage space are utilized properly. Most ceiling fans, no matter how quiet they claim to be, create a “beating the air” sound that will come through on sensitive music recording equipment. For a real studio, you need a truly silent fan. The Aeratron AE2 and AE3 fans are so quiet that you won’t even hear them running in your studio, all you’ll feel is the cool breeze that they create. The airflow will cool you and your equipment so well, you won’t even know it’s there.

Cool Sounds

With the basics of comfort and equipment care taken care of, the musician inside you can create to your heart’s content. It’s a well known fact that inspiration can happen anywhere, but creation happens best in a place that has been dedicated to your art. When you invest the time and money into a physical space that represents your deepest interests and love, it triggers your psyche to get into that creative thinking pattern. Be sure that your space is as comfortable as you can make it. The world is out there waiting for the songs that only you can write.

Get to it.

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